Image Controls

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White/Black Levels

 For each channel, these specify input digitizer levels that are displayed as full and zero brightness (i.e. white and black, for standard grayscale colormap) on the Channel display figures. The button on the left can be used to automatically adjust the contrast levels based on the image currently in the channel window.


Digitizer levels are either 14-bit or 16-bit signed integers encoding average voltage value, measured during dwell time at each pixel, within range specified in the Channels dialog.


The White/Black levels do NOT affect data logged to TIF files. However, these values are stored in the /channelsLUT/ property logged to the TIF file header; thus, it is possible to recover the display used at the time of ScanImage® acquisition.

Frame Averaging and Volume Display

Rolling Average

Specify the number of last-acquired frames to be averaged together for display in the channel window. Icon Averaging can be useful to reduce noise and make image features easier to identify. This setting will not affect the actual data that is logged to disk

Lock to Acq Average

Constrain Rolling Average value to be equal to #Avg value specified on the MAIN CONTROLS interface (which indicates number of frames to average into each logged frame to the TIF file)

Volume Display Style

Select how to display images for stack/volume acquisitions in the channel window Icon This option is disabled for arbitrary line scanning, as only 3D display is currently supported

Display Z Selection

Select specific Z’s to show in the channel display window. By default, all Z’s will be displayed

History Frame Length

Select the length of history in number of frames (cycles) to display in the channel display window Icon This option is only available for arbitrary line scanning

Channel Display Buttons

[1] [2] [3] [4]

These buttons correspond to channels 1-4. They have slightly different behavior depending on whether ScanImage® is currently idle or active (ie currenlt running an acquisition)

  • Idle: Enable or disable the selected channel for display

  • Active: If selected channel is enabled for display, bring that channel window to the foreground. If the channel is not enabled, enable it (in FOCUS only)


Enable or disable the channel merge view

Scanfield Displays