ROI Integration Windows

Integration Control Window

ROI Integrator Traces Window



Integration Control Window

Enable Integration

Enables the online ROI Integration feature. When enabled, the Roi Integration Display shows live traces of the configured ROIs and the integration output channels are updated. If in a Grab or Loop and saving is enabled, a CSV file is written to disk, which contains the integration value for each selected ROI.

Enable Display

Enables / disables updating the live traces display.


The Roi Integration Display is optimized for speed. However, in high performance application it might be desired to free the CPU from refreshing the display. Deselect ‘Enable Display’ to improve performance.

Edit Integration Fields

Opens the ROI/Stimulus Group Editor.

This allows to define the ROIs for online analysis.


Use the Cell Picker feature of the ROI Group Editor for automatic cell segmentation.

Show Integration Display

Opens the ROI Integrator Traces Window

Output Channel Configuration -Channel

Select which output channel to configure

Enable Output

Enables the currently selected output channel

Output Function Edit

Edits the function handle used to generate the channel output.


Select which ROIs are passed to the output function for processing.

ROI Integrator Traces Window

Reset Data

Resets the data in the display.

History Length

Determines how many time data points are shown in the display.


Defines the color lookup table limits of the heatmap display and the y-limits of the traces display. Set to ‘Auto’ for autoscaling or enter the minimum/maximum value in form of a 2 element vector (e.g. [0, 1000] )


To optimize performance, disable auto scaling by entering a value for CLim/YLim.

Display Rate

Limits the refresh rate of the display (Unit: Hz). Default value: Inf


Reduce the refresh rate of the display to optimize performance.

Show Heatmap

Shows/Hides the Heatmap display

Show Traces

Shows/Hides the Traces display

The Heatmap can be navigated with the mouse:



Move mouse over row in heatmapdisplay

Show the trace of the selected ROI in the traces view. Highlight the ROI shape in the channels display window.

Drag a row in the heatmapdisplay

Reorder the rows in the heatmap display

Double click on a row in theheatmap display

Select/Unselect the ROI for display in the traces view.